As I took all this in, the kind of experience that came to my memory - (was) not other church services - It was a museum experience - evocative, tactile, richly visual, deeply contemplative.
— Paul N.


Look for the Holy Family Church sandwich boards outside of the doors on Commerce Street.



As soon as you walk in you will be met by the waters of baptism filled with a fresh set of flowers. Take time to interact with the waters. Touch them as you enter or make the sign of the cross on your forehead with the water. You’ll also have a chance to write your name and pronouns on a small name tag.



You will always find a six foot by six foot abstract canvas that was created by Lanecia Rouse Tinsley. Each canvas represents a different season in the life of the church. When you see the canvas change, it means we are in a new season. We encourage you to arrive early and spend time with this season's canvas.



We include kids in everything we do. We don't separate them from "real church". We make space for all of God's children in the liturgy. Drop by the Kids' Library and snag a coloring sheet or a book before the liturgy begins.



You will be given a booklet when you enter that will help guide you through participating in the liturgy. We're happy to serve you a cup of Greenway Coffee that you can enjoy while you meet some people you'll be worshipping with before we begin.



At 10:30 we will begin with a welcome, a prayer, and a song. During the song, we will process with incense, the cross, candles, and the Gospel book.



After we are gathered together we will spend time listening to sacred stories and reflecting upon these stories with about a ten to fifteen minute homily (talk).



In the middle of each liturgy we will gather around the baptismal waters. We will confess an ancient creed, pray, and share God’s peace with one another.



The highlight of every liturgy is when we come to the altar to share in the real presence of the living God among us.



Once everyone has received communion we will send everyone out with a blessing and sing one last song.


Did you know there are over 30 serving opportunities a week? If you’re curious to learn more: click here.

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