Where do I go? 
2005 Commerce Street in East Downtown. We're right next door to Tout Suite.

What time should I show up?
We begin right at 10:30 so we recommend arriving by 10:20 to get settled in.

What are my parking options?
There are parking spots in front, in back, and grass parking in the side.
Otherwise, it's East Downtown, which means street parking.

Do I have to identify as a Christian to participate?
No. We are a church, so many of us identify as Christians, but, if you want to participate in Holy Family…you belong. Period.

What's the vibe?
We like to keep it low key. Most folks will show up in whatever their everyday fashion is.
But if fancy is your thing…you do you.

Is everyone welcome?
Yes. Persons of all ages, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religious traditions are both welcomed and celebrated as expressions of God's creativity.