Meet The Daily Office

Praying spontaneous prayers can seem to be a pretty high pressure exercise. Sometimes you just don't have the words to say, even though you'd like to say something. The good news is, there is another form of prayer that the Church has used for over two thousand years. This form of prayer stops to pray at specific times throughout the day: not unlike our Jewish and Muslim siblings. Rather than waiting for the right mood to set in to pray, this form says: it's morning, so it's time to pray "morning prayer". 

The form of prayer that has been passed forward to us by the Saints is a structured form of prayer called "The Daily Office". It gives us a pattern to follow and it gives us words to pray. The hope is that, over time, the words would begin to shape our hearts, minds, and imaginations and truly become our own words.

This form of prayer brings together Scripture and Prayer.
This form of prayer always includes a section for our spontaneous and specific prayers.
This form of prayer helps us all pray together as a community.

This form of prayer is lightly adapted from the Daily Office found in The Book of Common Prayer and is our simple attempt to make the BCP format more accessible to new users in our community.