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Every Sunday from 10:30am - 11:30 am

Deepening your communion with goD, others, + yourself

Holy Family Church is a community where people who are deeply spiritual but deeply suspicious of church are coming together. If you feel close to God but don’t feel like a church has ever understood you, we totally get it. We can help you connect who you are with who God is. We know you’re already spiritual. We’re not asking you to join us. We’re asking you to let us join you on your journey. We can guide you through practices to deepen your connection-your communion-with God, others, and yourself. We can help you deepen your communion with God by helping you participate in life giving traditions that are enlivened with a modern aesthetic. We can help you deepen your communion with others by helping you build relationships that will feel like what family is supposed to feel like. We can help you deepen your communion with yourself in monthly guided workshops.We're making our home in East Downtown and we're ready to join you in communion.