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we invite you to become a financial co-creator.

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+ Read a letter from Father Breeze.
+ View the 2018 Annual Report to find a year in review, programming overview, frequently asked questions, the 2018 budget to date and the 2019 projected budget.
+ Hear from people like you who are co-creating this community.

Once you're ready, let us know you want to invest as a financial co-creator in this community's work by clicking Commit to Invest in 2019 to complete a brief form.
Please make your estimated investment for 2019 by November 30, 2018.

Letter from Father Breeze


Dear Holy Family,

We started this church in coffee shops and living rooms in hopes that we could be a church for people without a church. We asked people to imagine going to church in a space that felt like an art gallery. We imagined enjoying regular meals with friends from church. And we wanted to use our creativity to make Houston a more beautiful and just city. Guess what? In 2018...we did that.

We have much to celebrate. I invite you to take a look at some of the signs and stories of how the living God is at work in and through this community through our 2018 Annual Report.

In 2019 I want us to stay focused on our mission of including people into Jesus Christ’s family. I know that there are so many people in this city that are without a church but would be pleasantly surprised to find one like you.

Many of you are already invested in this community. Thank you. Holy Family is all of ours. We’re all co-creating this community. I am asking you to increase your financial commitment to this community in 2019. I want to you to be able to keep including people into Jesus’ family for a long time. Believe me: your financial giving helps create capacity to do that.

It is my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your Pastor.

Peace, The Rev. Jacob Paul Breeze


co-creator Stories

Josh Truitt
One of the first things I noticed at Holy Family was the table and that it was open to everyone. I thought it was crazy that someone else agreed with me—that this one little thought lined up with what this church is doing.
— Josh Truitt
Saajidah Abdul-Hameem
Whether racial or any other way that we create to divide ourselves, I feel like Holy Family is very intentional about creating and cultivating a community that works to include others.
— Saajidah Abdul-Hameem
Kristie Beeler
Over time, I’ve come to see that belief, like worship, is a communal act—even when I don’t believe, the church can believe for me and with me. We can all be strong and have faith for each other, even on the days when we doubt.
— Kristie Beeler
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 3.21.03 PM.png
Even though I’ve been in churches for most of my life, I haven’t encountered this kind of holistic care from a church before. The church has become a place that is nurturing all facets of our life together. It’s nurtured me as an artist, it’s cared for our kids, it has provided a community and a place to worship together.
— Bearden Coleman